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Kittiwake Boats has three uniquely designed model warships to buy or hire for displays





Model Warships

These Supermodel kits are based upon three different models that Roger Wilkinson has designed and built over the past twelve years.These models were originally created to simply lark about on the local canal, and reservoirs. Now Roger is making them available to buy in kit, part built or fully completed versions!

Roger is also available with these three fantastic models for displays.

About the models

These models are all built of plywood of varying thicknesses , keeping the boat light but strong in the areas where it is needed.

They are flat-bottomed,which gives good stability, speed and manoeverability.They have been designed in such a way as to make home-build very easy, with just a basic tool kit, and basic DIY skills, and can all be built in a single garage.

Each kit comes with pre-cut plywood sections, all neccesary bulheads and stringers, screws, glues and paint. Also included is a building manual with step by step instructions with all parts numbered. The kit also includes the engine and battery, and all you need to get afloat.

Each kit is designed to a certain level of detail, leaving it to the builder to add more if they wish.

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